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PERTHLAND PROPERTY GROUP (Perthland) is a West Australian owned and licensed registered Real Estate Project Marketing Agency and Residential Development Company.

Commenced Marketing and Management of single Residential homes in 1989 and since extended the services to include Project Marketing.

In 1993 Perthland commenced specialisation for off-plan project selling and pre-completion sales, selling to local buyers and offshore investors in South East Asian regions.

Perthland provided our client's sought after service of Project Management and Residential Development from initially advising clients with their Land holdings to developing their Land.

Perthland commenced Project Development by Joint Venturing with Land Owners and Syndicating with Investors to develop Townhouses, Villas and Land Subdivision.

Perthland offer extensive services in various aspects of Real Estate including:

    > Project Development

    > Project Management

    > Project Consultancy

    > Land Subdivision

    > House & Land Package

    > Development Joint Venture



Prime Residential Homes and Project Development:

    > Residential Homes

    > Apartments

    > Estate Land Subdivision

    > House & Land packages

    > Commercial & Industrial 



From Residential Land Subdivision to Multi-Residential High Density Apartment development.

    > Assess suitability of subject Property for Development.

    > Propose best use for subject Property.

    > Prepare Feasibility for the development proposal.

    > Raise Capital for the proposed Development.

    > Project Consultation.



Advising every aspects of any property project proposal throughout the life of the development from conception to settlement of the last property to ensure smooth and profitable development.


- Recommendation on the feasibility of the project;

- Selection of Project Consultants including Architects, Engineers, Planners, Surveyors, Building Contractors, Marketing & Leasing Agents, Strata consultants, Project Administrators;

- Meeting with Financial Lenders, Local Authorities and Legal Practitioners.



Introduce Land Owners to development with a step by step advise and detail discussions to provide:

   > Realistic assessment and feasibility analysis of the Land for development purposes.

   > Schematic proposal.

   > Documented, clear and transparent process of the proposal.



Procurement of prime properties for Residential, Commercial/Industrial or Development with supportive evidence and documentation on the acquisition proposal.



Our staff in the Property Management Department are themselves Investment Owners and fully relate to your needs and how to treat your investment.

    > Residential Single House, Strata Townhouse, Villas and               Apartments.

    > Commercial & Industrial Leasing.

    > Commercial & Industrial Rental Management.



What is Project Marketing ?

The key role in Marketing Residential Projects is to present all the correct elements of a project into a combined ‘package’:

  • the design,
  • planning,
  • legal,
  • financial and
  • physical aspects

This package must be acceptable to the market, achieve overall project objectives and understand the needs, motivations and buying behaviour of buyers.


When is Project Marketing implemented ?

The best time to start applying marketing to any new development is from the time the concept is formulated, through to the design, planning, and construction stages.

A variety of different marketing activities will be required, such as marketing analysis, pricing, promotion, buyer targeting and personal selling.



  • Project Feasibility - liaison with the Planner and Engineers.
  • Arrange Project Finance – meeting and discussion with Accountants and Bankers.
  • Promote and Sell from prior and following Title availability.
  • Promote to Builders, Investors and Owner Occupiers Locally, Interstate & overseas.
  • Organise Sales and Management periodical meetings with the Project owners and Project Manager for Marketing Plans, Pricing Reviews, Adjustments of Focus/Target Marketing Strategies, and General Site maintenance and security.
  • Monitor and recommend maintenance requirement on the Estate to the Project Manager and Local Council.
  • Negotiate and Prepare contracts with purchaser and make recommendation to Vendor.
  • Liaise with Settlement Agents for Titles and Contracts ensuring settlement is achieved smoothly.



Company Director will be directly involved in every appointed project developments for Perthland Property Group from the Conception, Feasibility Studies, Financing, Sales/Marketing, Settlement to ensuring the Rental return/management, including

  • Advertising and Media Releases
  • Promotion to clients;
  • Sales coordination;
  • Conjunctional work with all Real Estate Agencies;
  • Feedback Reporting on marketing and sales;
  • Meetings with Project team;
  • Negotiations and administering of Contracts.

Our existing associated team members extends to include experience

  • Architects and Designers
  • Teams of Engineers - Structural, Electrical, Hydraulic, and Mechanical.
  • Consultants - BCA, Acoustic, Environmental.
  • Town Planner
  • Surveyors
  • Project Builders
  • Civil contractors
  • South East Asian Marketing Teams (Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia & Hong Kong)




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